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This app includes 6 FREE hypnosis and meditation recordings to help you alleviate stress and anxiety and sleep well at night.

The first two free sessions are ‘Relax & Sleep Well (sleep)’ and ‘Relax & Sleep Well (awake)’. This 29-minute hypnotherapy session will take you on a relaxing journey into the deepest levels of self-hypnosis.

The subtle background soundscapes supporting Glenn’s soothing voice will help you connect with a profound feeling of relaxation.

The third free session is the highly acclaimed ‘Solfeggio Sonic Meditation’ which is a 33-minute lite version of the 639 Hz Solfeggio Meditation. The app also includes free versions of the very popular Mindfulness for Anxiety, Morning Meditation and Meditation 4 Inner Wisdom.

This state of the art app features:
• 6 FREE hypnosis & meditation sessions by Glenn Harrold
• The very latest hypnotherapy techniques
• State-of-the-art digital recording technology.
• Glenn’s highly acclaimed hypnotic vocal techniques.
• Powerful background sound effects.
• Stereo-echoed affirmations, which pan from ear-to-ear.

This app combines powerful hypnotherapy techniques with state of the art recording technology. The special background sound effects have been recorded in certain keys and frequencies to help enhance the meditation effect and guide you into a deep state of mental and physical relaxation.

The latest hypnotherapy techniques

Includes 6 FREE hypnotherapy sessions!

Celebrity Endorsements

“Sleep doesn’t come easily to me… I have too much of an active mind that never seems to want to switch off, so the only way I can get off to sleep is by using a meditation app. I’ve found a really good one by Glenn Harrold and it works every time.”
Naomie Harris (Actress)
“What sets Glenn aside from other hypnotists is that he firstly listens to what it is you want to achieve and then begins to dig deep to understand the root of the problem rather than automatically blaming it on childhood experiences, which I have found other hypnotists do. I have found Glenn to be extremely engaging with a likable and calming nature. He has a way of making you feel at complete ease even when you are talking about a difficult subject. Most importantly Glenn has delivered, and for me that is the icing on the cake!”
Jacqueline Gold – Chief Executive, Ann Summers
“Feels good to wear headphones and listen to Glenn Harrold’s Complete Relaxation.”
Lindsay Lohan – Actress & Recording Artist
“Glenn helped me over my chocolate addiction! I tried a piece of chocolate to see what happened and it tasted horrible!”
Andrea Mclean (GMTV & Loose Women)
“Glenn Harrold gets our gold star this month. Glenn is a huge inspiration after overcoming his own life struggles to achieve success by helping others, and is one of the most selfless, lovely people we have ever had the pleasure of working with.”
Prediction Magazine (August 2012)
“I was startled by the effectiveness of this self-hypnosis audio”
Sophie Campbell – The Sunday Telegraph
“When it comes the the power of the sub-conscious mind, Glenn Harold is the man. If you allow him into your world, you won’t regret it!”
Jason Vale (The Juice Master)
“Glenn is refreshingly real. He’s kind of ‘rough and ready made good’ and his honest approach to setting goals, tips to de-stress and take control of your own life really ring true."
Janey Lee Grace – Co-presenter The BBC 2 Steve Wright Radio Show
"I’m so happy to have Glenn Harrold as my friend. His work offers a wonderful mix of mystery, talent and genuine love. In fact, I reckon that Glenn is Britain’s best kept secret."
Shazzie – TV Presenter & Author
Reviews and Recognition for Relax & Sleep Well by Glenn Harrold: A Relaxation Self-Hypnosis Meditation

• Rated in the Top Best Insomnia Apps of 2020 (Healthline, May 2020)
• One of the Top 10 Free Mental Health Apps – (Psych Central, September 2013)
• Top Sleep Aid Apps to Help You Fall Asleep (AppAdvice)
• Ranked as 1 of 5 Apps to Quiet Your Mind (Spirituality & Health, Oct 2013)
• Ranked one of the Best Sleeping Aid Apps for iPad (appPicker, Dec 2013)
• 7 Apps That Help You Sleep Better (All Womens Talk)

Review by Jenny O’Hara from All Womens Talk

Although I was very skeptical of “sleep hypnosis” apps (as well as hypnosis in general), I tried six of them. Some I turned off because the person’s voice was too annoying or what they were saying sounded ridiculous. I was going to leave all hypnosis apps off this list entirely until I tried Relax & Sleep Well last night. This guy’s voice was incredibly soothing, he wasn’t talking about nonsense, he was only telling me how to breathe in a way that would help me relax, everything he said was calming and I was asleep before the end of the session, which is HUGE for someone who generally cannot fall asleep until well after the sun has risen. Now I’m not saying the hypnosis worked, it could just be that he was so relaxing that he lulled me to sleep. Whichever you believe, it’s worth giving it a shot, trust me!

App Store Reviews

“This App is awesome! It is difficult for me to unwind at the end of the day and get rid of all the stuff in my head. I was so relaxed after hearing this last night I slept like I haven’t in weeks!”
Beckys883 (Review from The Apple App Store)
“I love this app, every time I listen I fall straight to sleep and stay asleep! Been using it every night and have noticed a huge difference in my sleeping pattern and I feel so much more refreshed in the morning. A big thumbs up from me!!”
Annalaya11 (Review from The Apple App Store)
“I have had insomnia issues for years. I tried melatonin and some other herbs and they never worked very well. I tried sleeping pills and while they put me to sleep, I never felt rested in the morning and I wasn’t able to dream (the best part of sleeping!) I ended up having a heart attack at a younger age and we all know that sleeping is very important for your health. I needed to do something!! I downloaded a couple of sleeping apps, including another hypnosis one but they didn’t work very well either. So I was skeptical about Glenn Harrold’s program, but I was desperate! The first night I tried it I was asleep within 10 or 15 minutes!! I also stayed asleep for a couple of hours which is very unusual for me. I listen to his program every night now and I have never slept better! I fall asleep quickly and stay asleep for hours. If I do wake up, I just listen to it again, and I’m fast asleep again! Needless to say I feel much better getting a good nights sleep! Thanks Glenn!!!!”
Mrs Curly (Review from The Apple App Store)
“I had gotten two hrs of sleep in two days be of anxiety, so I was looking for an app to help me get to sleep. I tried this app’s Deep Sleep optional purchase and it really worked.”
Jooleeseelooj (Review from The Apple App Store)
“Great! Been really stressed, not sleeping, neck tension and irritable lately but after first listen of this, I feel a weight off and a hundred times better already, thanks!”
Jules Ward (Review from The Google Play Store)
“Absolute necessity! I only tried this at 5:30am this morning after my usual nightly issues with the inability to sleep. I was asleep within 15 minutes, & felt well rested after only 2.5 hrs of sleep, neither of which has never happened before in my life. I have had sleeping issues since the age of 5 and it has only worsened in the last 30+ yrs. I can’t wait to complete this program, I’m starting to feel better already!!!! Wow 🙂 GREAT WORK THANK YOU!!”
Lisa Marshall (Review from The Google Play Store)
“The best I’ve never met anyone so helpful and attentive like Jeff Janes and I really appreciated his help to solved the problem I had with the app. Thanks a million for your kind help. This app is so good as it helps me to quickly fall as sleep every night. I’m addicted to it.”
Susy Earde (Review from The Google Play Store)
“Superb! I am using the app for more than a year and I am very happy using it. It is really good tool for the relaxation. Love it.”
Ranjeet B (Review from The Google Play Store)
“I tried so many but this one works Seriously, I downloaded 15 relaxation/sleep apps and they were all weird. I like this one and it is the only one that helps me drift off to sleep pretty quickly. I’m not concerned with what he’s putting into my subconscious, it’s very positive.”
Davida Connell (Review from The Google Play Store)


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